Mister Linky Tutorial

How to Enter a Post/Link into Mr. Linky
Even if you have used Mr. Linky before, please read this carefully. If a link is not properly added, it will be deleted for everyone’s convenience.

In the “Your name:” box, please enter the name of the blog (not your name) that you are submitting.

In the “Your URL:” box please enter the URL/link that will lead directly to the post you are submitting (also called the permalink). This is not the URL to the blog’s home page.

For example, if I want to enter My Friend Amy’s “Book Review Policy Page,” here’s what I’d do:

Your name: My Friend Amy
Your URL: http://www.myfriendamysblog.com/2008/05/book-review-policy.html

How to Find the Correct Link (Permalink)

This is very easy. Go to the post that you want to submit. Click on the post title (not the blog title or the blog’s home page tab). Once you’ve clicked on the post title, what you’ll generally see is just that single post (and its comments). Now go to your bowser’s location box (the place where you type in URLs) and copy the entire link. This is the permalink that will take you directly the post in question.

If you want to test the link, open another browser tab or window and paste the URL into the location box. The correct post should appear. Once you verify that you have the correct link, you can paste it into Mr. Linky in the “Your URL:” box.

Why Is This Important?

All of us will have a lot of posts to read and blogs to visit during BBAW. Some blogs have hundreds of posts, but we need to find just the one you submitted. If you link to the blog’s home page, all we’ll see is the newest posts and we won’t have any idea which specific post is being submitted for BBAW. So not only will we miss out on reading the post but the submission will be lost because the wrong link was provided.

What to Do if You Made a Mistake

Please contact the . We’ll make the needed corrections.

Let’s Practice!!!!

Go to the review of one of your favorite books on your own blog, find the permalink, and enter your information below!

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