BBAW Awards 2010

The Executive Board of Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2010 is pleased to announce the 2010 Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW) Awards. The BBAW Awards recognize the outstanding contribution that book bloggers all over the world make to bring attention to all genres of books.

The process of the 2010 Book Blogger Appreciation Awards is as follows:

Phase One—Registration: June 7—July 7
Book bloggers wishing to be considered for an award must announce their intent to register by publishing a post on their blog highlighting and linking to five past posts they feel distinguish their blog in their chosen niche. (See the descriptions of the awards for information about the nature of the five past posts.) Once the post declaring their intention (including the five links to past posts) has gone live, bloggers must fill out the BBAW Awards Registration form and include the permalink to the post announcing their intent to register. Bloggers who wish to be eligible to vote but who are not interested in being considered for an award must register in a niche, but they do not need to announce their intent to register and do not need to publish a post with links to five past posts. Bloggers will also be able to nominate their top pick for a book in their niche that was published between August 2009 and June 2010. (View the niche categories and the featured categories)

Phase Two—Creating the Long List July 13—July 25
Every blogger who has registered within a chosen niche or category will receive a ballot. The ballot will include all the bloggers who have registered within that same niche. Bloggers will then be asked to pick and rank the top five blogs within their chosen niche (they may, of course, choose their own blog). The combined data from all bloggers within each niche will determine the long list for that niche. In addition, the categories of best meme, feature, and event will be introduced at this time.

Phase Three—Panels Determine Short Lists August 1—August20
A panel of judges for each award will evaluate the blogs within that category to create a short list of blogs for final voting. Panels will be made up of bloggers registered for Book Blogger Appreciation Week who have volunteered for the job. No blogger will judge a category in which he or she is registered. Bloggers who registered but chose not to be considered for an award may volunteer to be a judge.

Phase Four—All bloggers registered for Book Blogger Appreciation Week Vote on the Shortlist August 28—September 6
Every blogger registered for Book Blogger Appreciation Week will receive an individual code that will be used for voting. Each registered blogger will receive one code and will be able to vote in every category.

Phase Five—Winners Announced!
The winners will be announced throughout Book Blogger Appreciation Week on September 13-17.

Bloggers who charge a fee for coverage of a book or author will not be eligible for BBAW Awards. Bloggers must have posted within the time frame of August 2009 to June 2010 to be eligible. Links submitted for consideration must be from posts originally published from August 2009 to June 2010. The members of the BBAW Executive Board are not eligible to win an award.

The panels evaluating blogs will judge only the five posts highlighted and linked in the intent to register post. They will use the following minimum criteria:
1. Posts submitted for consideration reflect the award category.
2. The blogger posts consistently and on a regular (not necessarily daily) basis.
3. Posts submitted for consideration are well written and have been proofread for spelling and general grammatical errors.
4. The overall design of the blog should not distract from the content.
[NOTE: Judges will be given other specific criteria for each category, but these are the basic criteria and the most important considerations for bloggers submitting posts for consideration for BBAW Awards.]

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