Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2012

This year marks the fifth Book Blogger Appreciation Week! I can hardly believe it, but I am so thankful to know that in five years of doing this book blogs haven’t gone away, but they’ve grown and become even more interesting, diverse, and meaningful. We have etched out a place on the landscape of literary discussion, and we are not going away!

Every year while planning BBAW, I, Amy, take into consideration what participants say about the festival. It has always been my primary goal for BBAW to be a time where book bloggers can recharge, remember that what they do is important, and remind the rest of the world that we are here. Book bloggers feeling appreciated is the MAIN GOAL and every year there is a healthy number of participants who wish the awards would go away. So this year I have taken this under advisement and we will not be having an awards celebration. I know that this may come as a disappointment to some of you, but with the changing nature of the book blogosphere and the technical challenges the awards present, it makes the most sense for us at this time. If the awards are hindering book bloggers from feeling appreciated during BBAW, then why not try a year without them? In addition, there will be no giveaways from the BBAW site. We will host a central place where you can link to giveaways hosted on your own blog.

In a lot of ways this feels like returning to the grassroots feeling of BBAW, when I hosted it on my blog and tried to get everyone moving around the blogosphere. There will be a lot of that in this year’s celebration. We’ve talked about what won’t be happening during BBAW, now let’s discuss what will be happening.

We’ll still have daily blogging topics!
We’ll still have guest posts and in-depth profiles on bloggers!
We’ll still have interview swaps!

The focus will very much be on community and community building and I think we’ll be able to do that in some different ways this year. Registration for BBAW will be open this week, keep checking back or subscribe to our feed for all the latest! And help us spread the word!

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